Few of your gaming setup decisions are as important as your monitor. As a component that should perform flawlessly for years through other hardware changes, countless software updates and endless games, your monitor has a big impact on how you experience everything you plug into.

Your first big decision comes in the form of which manufacturer you want to back. There’s a lot of names out there, but just a single brand can claim to be number one, and that is AOC.

Last year AOC nabbed the top global market share spot for gaming monitors. How did it do this? With an extensive product range covering every gamer’s needs, a great four year swap out warranty in South Africa, the Zero Dead Pixel Guarantee, and a keen awareness of the market which saw it partner with the likes of esports teams.

But where do you and your needs for a gaming monitor slot into that extensive range?

If you want to do some window shopping you can view that range right here where each available monitor has a killer feature you should consider. The CQ27G2, for example, has a crazy Quad HD VA panel for just about the most premium picture out there. The CQ32G2E  is one of the most competitively priced 32inch offers on the market, the CU34G2X offers an ultra wide, 21:9 experience.

Not your cup of tea? Consider the AG322QC4 for FreeSync 2 or the AG493UCX for its 2560 X 1440 resolution. There’s really something there for everyone.

One range of AOC picks that is worth checking out is the G2 series – a collection of monitors that boasts Full HD resolutions coupled with high refresh rates and blazing fast response times.

The 27G2 and 24G2 are 27inch and 24inch monitors respectively. Both come with the Full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080. A common misconception right now is that you want to push for 4K or 1440p right now, but that may not be the best decision based on your hardware, and usually refresh rate is far more important.

Both of these monitors have a sky high refresh of 144Hz. If you’ve only been experiencing 60Hz for the longest time, 144Hz is a quantum leap that you just won’t be able to walk away from once you’ve experienced it. The massive upgrade in smoothness is something you just won’t be able to live without after a few rounds.

Because of this we feel a bit guilty even mentioning it. That first time experiencing 144Hz is something you won’t be able to forgot and regular 60Hz will become tarnished in your mind because of it.

Many people compare this change to the jump you used to get when moving from a 30Hz console output to a 60Hz monitor on PC. It’s that much of a difference.

From a bigger number to a much smaller one here is response time. This pair of monitors boasts a 1ms response time. Even for those not heavily invested into esports where milliseconds make a real difference, the response time here put problems like ghosting and smearing to bed.

All of this is wrapped up in a sleek black body with subtle red highlights and even more impressive tech built into the IPS display such as AMD’s FreeSync and great viewing angles.

Finally the great thing here is that there’s more options available for you in the AOC range if what’s mentioned above doesn’t do it for you. Want an even bigger screen, a higher resolution, a different aspect ratio or even a curved display? All of that is on offer from other monitors.

If you’re in the market for a new G2 monitor or any other AOC product head on over to Takealot.

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