The University of South Africa (Unisa) announced back in April that its May / June examination period would still be going ahead, albeit online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

There’s been a lot of confusion since then for students as, despite being a university that offers mainly distance education, Unisa has historically still held its final exams in person with venue-based exams.

Information about how these new online exams will happen has been released slowly since the announcement with the latest tool students have being a collection of videos which act as tutorials for the exams.

The six videos are available here but, due to the fact that they’re not hosted on a site like YouTube, we cannot embed them.

The tutorials cover where to find the online exams as well as the differences between the multiple-choice question (MCQ) and essay type (take home) exams.

  • Getting ready for online exams
  • How to scan and upload documents
  • MCQ and take-home exam on assessment info tool on a cellphone
  • MCQ and take-home exam on assessment info myAdmin Exam on a cellphone
  • MCQ online assessment myUnisa Exam on a computer
  • MCQ online assessment myUnisa Exam on a cellphone

As you can see from the titles there is a big focus on completing these exams on a mobile device. This is why the university worked with MTN to provide 30 gigabytes of mobile data to students for two months, the details of which can be found in this guide.

It’s worth mentioning some oddities in the way Unisa has provided the above tutorial videos. For some reason the “‘Click here for the lower resolution of the video” option doesn’t actually work, and instead links to an audio only version. As the video itself is so important, we recommend skipping this.

Those looking to conserve data should click on the options button  – –  which then allows you to download the video. Doing this means that you will always have the video on your device and you won’t need to use data every time you watch.

If you’re somewhere with a fixed line internet connection, it may be a good idea to download the videos there so you don’t need to use mobile data once you’re back home.

For more information about the online exams and how Unisa is functioning right now, see our extensive interview with Unisa Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Mandla Makhanya.