Last night president Cyril Ramaphosa once again went live to address the nation and announce that, from 1st June, South Africa would be moving down to alert level 3 to continue the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19).

While the speech went over many things (you can watch / re-watch it here), it’s useful to have a few quick references on hand to remember the particulars of this alert level.

Providing just that is the official account for the South African presidency as well as Stats SA, both of which have provided a set of infographics about how South Africans will need to go about their lives comes the next month.

All of the released images from these accounts can be found below, but it’s worth talking about some specifics of what they entail.

The first is this very useful table pointing out the differences between the previous alert level 4, and the new alert level 3. This may be the most important one to remember if you’ve already internalised the rules from the previous level.

The next images, showing off the hotspots in the country, are a reminder for those in the most affected areas to take extra precautions to protect themselves and those around them. The special restrictions on these areas are also worth keeping note of.

The remaining images are a collection of facts to remember both as a citizen and as an employer, if that should apply to you. As the number of criminal cases and arrests related to breaking lockdown continue, it’s becoming more vital to be aware of the rules so you don’t break them.

All of this having been said, just keep in mind that, until these regulations are gazetted, the information provided in these infographics may change before 1st June.

As with all the images on this page click to zoom in should the text be too small to read.