Weta Workshop, the effects house and collectible maker famous for its movie work, enters its third week of auctioning off first edition statues and props, partly for charity. This week another five items are available for collectors with deep pockets, with the most interesting to us being a 1:1 scale prop of the Black Arrow.

The items available this week can be see below, along with links to their auction pages:

The Lady Galadriel above is in bold as it is the item whose proceeds will go to the Neonatal Trust charity.

Last week the Azog – Commander of Legions figure had this honour and it ended selling for $1 210 (~R21 200).

As we prefer full size items compared to scaled down, let’s look again at the Black Arrow It measures in at 191 centimetres long and is part of a limited run of 2 000. Like with most of the items in these auctions, the one being sold is the first edition.

“This 1:1 Scale Black Arrow prop replica is made from metal reinforced fibreglass with a urethane head and vinyl fletching and comes with two urethane hooks for horizontal display, pride of place, on your wall,” reads the item description.

A bit of behind the scenes information about the arrow and the other pieces is available in the video below. It’s interesting to note how the arrow was changed – and most importantly made much bigger – for its adaptation in the films.

For coverage of the previous weeks auctions, see week one here and week two here.