Unemployment is at an all-time now. Hiring and retaining the most qualified talent requires a well-thought-out and strategic process. To overcome these hurdles, you should make some changes in your hiring process and optimise it. This will help you land the candidates who will excel in your company.

You can build a work application form online in only a few minutes with AidaForm, and you won’t have to think one thing about markup code. Use the website’s uniform career application template to make it easier to evaluate candidates and pick the right employees for the staff.

The online job application form is basically divided into two categories:

Job Application Form

Finding the right candidates and recruiting them is important for your growth. Simplify the process and collection by utilising the simple job application form for prospective employees. An easy job application form will help you to identify the right applicants and promote the work of the recruiters for available vacancies.

The simple AidaForm online job application form includes the most relevant genre-specific query categories to help you quickly scan for the most successful applicant.

How to use the basic job application template?

  1. Build a simple application form

The standard job application form will be generated by including all the appropriate fields such as name, experience, interest, etc. By simply dragging and dropping the field part, you can add the appropriate fields in no time. You may attach the option here to upload your CV or portfolio and use AidaForm for digital signatures.

2. Structure the form

You can design your application form with state-of-the-art fields, icons, and font styles, just like the order form. You may adjust their color and settings according to your needs and build your websites.

3. Render the form available

When the prototype has been completed, go to the publishing portion to render the form accessible online. In the setup portion, set up email addresses to obtain updates about the answers to your specific work type.

Using the reply-to notification feature for an email confirmation of the response and thank the user for the form submission. It’s good to let people know that you’ve been told. In fact, it’s the company’s good Marketing Strategy.

Advantages of using AidaForm

1. You will process details for candidates quicker just by means of a basic career application type.

While information is typically the same in a resume- schooling, work experience, skills, and so on- you do not find two CV’s that look the same. As a consequence, documents require a longer period to read, and it may become a challenge to evaluate applicants.

You need to use a simple job application template if you want to process and evaluate responses quickly. Only simple job applications organise all candidates in a single fashion.

In addition to resumes, the same questions are asked, and the material for each is organised in a specific manner. Giving all candidates the same simple job application form makes the selection process fair and allows them to compare individual applicants easily.

2. The basic application allows you to concentrate on the facts.

When it’s free-form composing, people can exaggerate the truth or brush things around. Part of the details in the CVs of the applicants is their own view. For instance, you may write that you are accountable, productive, and constructive.

Nevertheless, such claims are not generally focused on the individual quality of the entity or on corporate scores. On the other side, basic modes of implementation are structured to rely on other details, such as work experience. The clear selection method eliminates the subjectivity until the correct individual is chosen for the work.

3. A simple job evaluation form makes it easy to check the quality of the details received.

When you want candidates to check the specific information they have received on their own, and you want them to give former employer contact data, it is better to use the basic job application. Thus, you can verify your qualifications from the job history of the candidate.

You have the opportunity to insist that the applicant signatures on the simple job application form, and ensure that anything they wrote is valid. The applicant would, therefore, feel more likely to tell you correctly and frankly about his professional background.

Generic Job Application Form

The generic job application form is used in the procurement phase for gathering details on job applicants. The uniform assessment process guarantees that the abilities and expertise of the applicants are objectively and impartially assessed.

However, the selection process is streamlined so candidates can quickly be compared. It is also easier to screen for inappropriate candidates thanks to the generic job application. A well-designed generic job application form begins with a formal recruiting cycle- using the standardised AidaForm job application prototype to improve the recruiting abilities to a whole new productivity stage.

Steps to personalise a generic job application form

1. Firstly, look at the general program design contents. Add various types of fields using the drag and drop feature in the AidaForm creator to get the required results: you may use a matrix area to determine the soft and hard potential of the applicants.

In addition to the usual Dropdown, Multiple options, and Text fields. Provide applicants the option not only to append their resume but to include a component in their LinkedIn profile.

2. To receive the notifications of the submitted job applications immediately, please go to Set up> Email notifications and specify the recipient email addresses of new notifications.

Don’t forget to modify the form status in the publishing section and copy the link to the standard employment application form, sending it via email or posting on the website.

3. Automate workflows and render to make them much more efficient. To connect the generic job application template to your favourite applications like the Google sheets, Mailchimp and Slack, go to Setup > 3rd party integrations, and spend less time searching for the right applicant and keeping your workflow oriented.

Advantages of using a generic job application form

1. The standardised job application form will be the first move in an employee job interview. This method allows managers to get a deeper picture of the candidate’s way of doing business and how they can be useful.

On the other hand, the candidate can gain an idea of the requirements for the position chosen. A generic job application facilitates the preparation of job interviews for employers as well as job seekers.

2. The basic application form allows you to distinguish eligible applicants from others that do not meet the minimum criteria for the next stages of recruiting, thanks to their standardised layout. It is easier for all candidates to compare their qualifications if they complete an online form. Furthermore, you should introduce a few flag queries and see easily how the respondent person knows about them.

3. Candidate applications will give the recruiters the first indication of their integrity and work behaviour with a general job application form. The way candidates approach the typical job application process allows you to understand more about it: language skills, skills interpreting and following orders, particularly positions that include writing and administrative skills, are highly valued.

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