Despite news that South Africa will move to level three of a phased approach to lifting lockdown restrictions, those who can work from home are still encouraged to do so.

Many South Africans are already au fait with the concept of working from home but given how rapidly businesses had to shift operations to embrace a remote work model, some issues have come to the fore.

One of those issues is access to applications, files and other data that an employee may need to perform their day-to-day duties.

Citrix has today announced that it is expanding the reach of its Remote PC Access solution. In short, the solution will be made a part of the Citrix Virtual Desktop Essentials and Citrix Virtual Desktop Service.

This move allows businesses to build a familiar virtual desktop that is underpinned by a high-performance and secure back-end that allows for the easy access of essential apps by the business.

“As employees settle in to the new normal of working from home, it is more important than ever to provide access to a consistent and familiar set of tools that keep them engaged and productive while keeping corporate information safe,” explains senior product marketing manager for the Desktop and Applications Group within Citrix, Paul Carley.

Remote PC Access allows a user to access their Windows or Linux PC remotely via a small client they can install on their PC. There is no VPN needed and security measures can easily be toggled on or off by the powers that be.

You can find out more about Citrix’s remote solutions over on its website here.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]
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