Despite the Nintendo Switch getting on in years its community remains as creative as ever with its hardware. The latest example of this comes from Reddit with an NES turned into a dock for the Switch.

User /u/IMOKRUOK uploaded their impressive creation a few hours ago complete with a short video showing it off:

NES Switch dock (build pics in comments) from r/NintendoSwitch

The user explained how it was made in the comments as well as this build log hosted on the image sharing site Imgur.

An original NES shell was used here with the specialised parts inside made with a laser printer and a router.  For those worried about killing the NES for this project /u/IMOKRUOK adds that an already broken one was used here.

Those wanting to replicate this project without doing that should consider going to somewhere like Thingiverse to grab the necessary files to 3D print a shell instead.

The worry about heat here was addressed but, with the extra room inside of the shell, we’re sure something like a fan system or other electronics can be stuffed inside.

As with even the first party dock there is the chance of scratching the screen so a half inch (1.27 centimetres) clearance is given around the Switch and it has a screen protector.

This is, strangely enough, not the first time someone has come up with this idea. Back in 2018 we featured the work of Rated-e Mods who did the same but with a GameCube instead of an NES.

While both are great we’re liking this NES version more as the older console is large enough to encompass the entire Nintendo Switch. For the GameCube variant the newer console simply spilled out of the sides.