Love or hate the work of Quantic Dream and David Cage, you’ll soon be able to pick up three games from the pair when they launch on Steam in the middle of next month.

From 18th June the following three titles will become available to buy on Valve’s storefront:

Clicking on the names of the games above will take you to the respective Steam pages where you can do the usual like add them to your wishlist and look at the system requirements. At the time of writing no prices, regional or otherwise, have been added, so we’re not sure how much each will cost.

Another thing you can do there is download demos. All three have a free demo for you to give a spin. All of Quantic Dream’s games have an off reputation, so you can finally play them on Steam before you purchase to see if they live up to it.

In the announcement for the Steam releases Quantic Dream included the hashtag “#QuanticStream“. This isn’t a spelling error of “Steam” but is instead a new way for streamers and their communities to play Detroit: Become Human.

The Detroit: Community Play twitch extension, which you can see in action in the embeded video below, works like this:

“At pivotal moments in the game, your viewers will be shown an interactive multiple-choice poll in-stream with 2-4 options and a timer, triggered by the PC version of the game with no action needed from you. Will the collective be rash or calm? Incendiary or obedient? Find out how your audience wants you to play across more than 150 automatically-triggered polls. Then it’s up to you to take their direction, or controversially go down another path – all while dialoguing with your viewers,” Reads the official page for this addition.

This is a rather clever way to get this game on Twitch again despite the fact that it came out back in 2018. You can see our review of the title from them right here.