Microsoft has been looking for ways to make the latest iteration of its web browser, Microsoft Edge, more popular. The newest effort on that front is an easter egg which surfaced (I see what you did there – Ed) in November of last year as a surfing game.

At the time it was only available to developers working on Microsoft Edge, but now it is being made available to all users.

Unlike the monochromatic dinosaur jumping Chrome game, which too is accessible when your internet connection is lost, the Microsoft Edge version is in colour, and for an easter egg is rather impressive given how much there is to do in it.

The game is also accessible by typing in edge://surf in the address bar on Edge, but it will require users having the most up-to-date version of the browser on their Windows 10 device.

Microsoft’s team has seemingly taken feedback from developers about the easter egg and run with it too, adding new features and gaming modes as a result.

“Upon the conclusion of the Easter Egg, the number one request from Insiders was to turn the surfing game into an endless runner as the permanent “offline game” for Microsoft Edge. The team took this feedback to heart and has spent the last few months polishing edge://surf and adding new gameplay features and improvements, including support for accessibility features like high contrast, screen readers, and even the Xbox Adaptive Controller,” explains William Devereux, senior program manager for Edge.

Consequently, there’s an endless surf mode that sees you try to avoid obstacles and the Kraken for as long as possible, as well as a time trial and zig zag mode. There’s also things like a high visibility and slow option for those who want to take it a little bit easier.

It can be argued that this is a tad gimmicky, but given how much more time Windows 10 users will be spending at home, it might prove a nice distraction, and at the very least pique the interest of other browser users.