Despite being continuously updated and improved since its disastrous launch in 2016, many people are till hesitant to buy No Man’s Sky. For those people in June they will no longer need to make that decision, as the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

“It seems like a natural and timely step to announce today that next month, No Man’s Sky will come to Xbox Game Pass, opening up our universe of possibilities to over 10 million Xbox Game Pass members who are just about to start their journey with us,” Writes Hello Games’ contentious front man Sean Murray.

The addition of the game to the service is coming with a little bit extra, as No Man’s Sky Windows 10 PC version will also be added to the Microsoft Store. This is yet another place to buy the title which has been available on places like Steam and the Humble Store for the longest time.

Speaking of those latter two stores both have the game discounted by 50% if you’d prefer to buy it there over playing through the pass or buying it on the Microsoft Store.

After PC users of Xbox Game Pass missed big games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Nier: Automata (two titles console subscribers did get) there was worry that No Man’s Sky would be yet another game to suffer the same fate. The wording on the original announcement seemed to allude to this, but it has thankfully been clarified:

“Editor’s Note: We’ve updated this post to included additional information about the availability of No Man’s Sky. It will be available for both Xbox Game Pass for Console and Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta).”

This should mean that, come June, both console and PC players will be able to jump into the game at the same time.