When it comes to the success of EA Sports titles like FIFA and Madden, licensing has really been the area where it has surpassed competitors. For the studio’s American Football franchise, a newly extended licensing agreement struck with the NFL will see the pair working to at least 2026.

As such we should be seeing EA Sports working on fully licensed NFL games for the next few years.

“The NFL, NFL Players Association and Electronic Arts announced a six-year renewal to their partnership on Thursday, marking what the partners called ‘the biggest and widest-reaching interactive entertainment agreement in NFL history’,” wrote the organisation in a press release confirming the deal.

“The renewed partnership will keep EA Sports’ Madden NFL franchise as the exclusive and authentic football simulation game, and also opens new avenues for the creation of games in new genres, expanded e-sports programs and additional entertainment experiences for fans across more platforms, according to the partners’ release,” it adds.

As such, it confirms that whatever deal that the NFL and developer 2K, in March, will definitely not include any official 2K NFL title anytime soon. There could still be football content from the pair though, it just simply will not be taking the form of a fully fledged title.

What this means for the Madden franchise itself, remains to be seen. If we’re being honest, gameplay on the titles in recent years has not improved as rapidly as it once did. Still, with next-gen consoles on the way later this year, there is at least hope that the title can take a step forward in terms of realistic gameplay.

That said, with no other official NFL game out there, unlike football which has both FIFA and PES, gamers don’t have much other option out there. Hopefully gamers get what they’ve been wanting from future titles.

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