Community-made mouse to benefit coronavirus relief goes on pre-order

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Earlier this month Cooler Master kicked off a community mouse design contest to create a limited edition version of its MM711 mouse. The contest, and sales of the mouse, are being used as a vehicle to raise money for coronavirus (COVID-19) relief, and you can now pre-order.

Of the five finalists you can see here, the winner is the “Retro TG-COV” by Serbian entrant Aleksandar Cvorovic. You can see the rather subtle blue, white and red design in the header image above as well as the small gallery below.

For their efforts Cvorovic walks away with a product package from Cooler Master worth more than a thousand dollars (about R17 441 right now). We have to imagine that helping with donations to charity is its own prize too.

With the design now finalised money can start to be raised for charity. The mouse will sell for $60 (~R1 046), and right now you can put down $30 (~R523) towards it as a pre-order. This $30 is actually a donation to charity for COVID-19 relief, but Cooler Master will issue all who donate a $30 coupon towards the mouse.

On top of this unique donation / coupon system, there is also a raffle going on.

“Any donation amount will be entered into a raffle for the winning mouse design. Donors will receive raffle tickets for the amount they donated that they can put towards prize pools,” reads the description of the system.

All of this is a rather clever way for Cooler Master to make something unique, get community involvement, and contribute to a good cause.

Those wanting to buy this mouse and donate will need to do so between now and 26th June, which is just under a month to pledge.

As this is simply a colour change to the original MM711, you can look to reviews of that mouse to see how this limited edition will treat you.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of