Uber is developing a way to tell if drivers are wearing masks

While Uber in South Africa has required that drivers wear masks and sanitise their vehicles since the implementation of lockdown, that doesn’t seem to have been the policy in every country as The Verge reports that Uber in the United States may soon require drivers wear face masks while operating.

The company will reportedly be shipping face masks and other safety supplies to drivers in the coming weeks.

More than that, however, Uber appears to be working on a way to detect whether a driver is indeed wearing a mask.

From a report by CNN it appears as if Uber will be making use of its Real Time ID-check feature.

Originally developed to give customers peace of mind that the person driving is the person who registered the Uber account, the feature could now help ensure drivers are being responsible.

Real Time ID-check prompts a driver to take a selfie randomly to confirm they are who they say are. What will be interesting to see is whether Uber can get this right and whether it can detect all manner of masks currently being used.

We’d be curious to see whether this verification makes it way to South Africa but, since additional features take a while to make it to South Africa, we aren’t going to hold our breath.

In South Africa masks must be worn by all citizens out in public and using public transport as per current regulations.

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