A couple of weeks ago Apple rolled out an update for mobile operating system which included the COVID-19 tracing tool API that the company worked on with Google.

Unfortunately that same iteration also featured a vulnerability that allowed iPhones to be jailbroken. Now Apple has released a new update in iOS 13.5.1 which patches that vulnerability.

The vulnerability is rather far reaching, and can be used to jailbreak any iPhone device that runs iOS 11 or better, so the roll out of a patch needed to come swiftly from Apple.

As such, it does not place the Cupertino-based company in the most flattering of lights, especially as the new operating system iteration is less than a month old before a zero-day vulnerability was discovered.

Jailbreaking is nothing new for iPhones, or smartphones in general, with it usually occurring once the device is out of warranty. That said, when you choose to jailbreak your iPhone, you also open yourself up to more security threats, as well as potential unauthorised access of your smartphone and the sensitive information it may be carrying.

Along with the iOS 13.5.1 update, Apple has also rolled out am iPadOS 13.5.1 patch too, to address the same potential vulnerability. Once the update becomes available, we highly recommend downloading and installing.