uKheshe, a local SMME-focused digital banking platform which we’ve covered in the past, has some new functionality to help users stay safe during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The platform has launched a Track and Trace feature to update its users on infection rates and to keep track of reports near them.

“If any infections are reported, the track and trace solution will enable the relevant venue to immediately contact anyone that has visited the location. Our payment platform is a perfect solution to keep consumers updated and to help fight to flatten the curve,” says Clayton Hayward, co-founder and CEO of uKheshe.

This is a great automated way to pull something like this off, and we’re speaking from experience after needing to visit a bank recently to collect a card. There everyone visiting the branch needed to speak to an employee who manually capture the details and contact information of clients, would an infection be found and the relevant people would need to be contacted.

By taking some of that work out of the process, especially for smaller businesses, companies can focus more on their work while still keeping everyone safe.

Due to the fact that uKheshe has always been a contactless experience, relying on QR codes for payments, it’s also a great option right now to avoid unnecessary touching.

The uKheshe app is available for free on Android and iOS and for those without a smartphone the platform can be accessed by dialling a USSD code.