After Nintendo, Sony, Neo Geo and Commodore all miniaturised some version of their classic game hardware, Sega has decided to throw its hat into the ring with the Game Gear Micro.

The recently revealed mini console sets itself apart from those other attempts by being a portable that can fit in your hand. Well that’s a bit generous as you can actually fit several of these in your hand as it is just 80 mm wide X 43 mm high X 20 mm deep.

And you may need to pick up several of these as Sega has chosen the most baffling game distribution route we’ve ever seen. Four colours of console are available: black, blue, yellow and red. These aren’t just colour options to suit your preference, but instead each colour represents which games are loaded onto the system.

How many games each? A paltry four. You can see them in the trailer below and listed in English here.

The Game Gear Micro goes on sale in Japan from 6th October at ¥4 980 each (~R780). It should be noted that this price does not include tax, and no announcement about a wider release outside of Japan has been mentioned yet.

For those in Japan looking to get all four consoles, a special magnifier for the console is available. Those who pre-order a full set get this as a bonus, but it’s first come first served and numbers are limited.

If you’re seriously considering buying these as someone in Japan, or you’re willing to jump through international delivery hoops during a pandemic, check out the official page which is entirely in Japanese.

With yet another miniature console coming to market every day that we don’t get the fictional Newgrounds Classic Console is a sin.