Last week during a virtual press conference something dawned on me – companies are woefully inept at hosting virtual press conferences.

While we understand that many companies were thrust into the position owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen conferences online that could give first time streamers a run for their money as to how bad they are.

A lot of these poor experiences boil down to a simple fact – firms don’t know what goes into hosting an event online.

Coming to their aid is Discover Digital and broadcast production specialists EFX Productions. Together, the pair have launched a full-service solution to take major events and conferences online.

“Event organisers need to deliver a far more polished package than a slide presentation in a video call. We can help create something more professional, bespoke and enjoyable to watch,” explains executive head of technology and director at EFX Productions, Brendan Marsay.

So what does this partnership offer?

For one EFX will film and edit content so speakers don’t have to use a potato for a microphone and a slightly worse potato as a camera.

“The DD-EFX conference offering is customisable and can include filming and production, editing and packaging of third-party content, digital ticket sales with multiple payment options, content distribution and tracking of views. For sensitive data such as internal communications, we can also operate extremely closed user groups,” explains managing director at Discover Digital, Stephen Watson.

EFX has its own outside broadcast van which clients can use or alternatively, they can make use of EFX’s own studio which is fitted with a lighting right, 3mm LED wall and five broadcast-spec cameras.

While EFX handles production, Discover Digital handles the back end including the platform the conference is hosted.

Discover Digital says the event can be hosted on a dedicated page alongside sponsor branding and additional information. In addition to this, customers can also leverage analytical data garnered by Discover Digital during the stream.

These analytics can include what an attendee watched and how long they watched for.

We urge any companies looking to host a virtual conference now or in the future to get in touch with either EFX Productions or Discover Digital.

Just because millions of kids stream on Twitch doesn’t mean you automatically know better because you’re a big company.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]