Telecom company Vox has launched yet another product – some of which we’ve covered here – to address the need for small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to get online and stay that way.

The product is called SD-WAN Lite and is described as an entry-level SD-WAN solution, engineered to cater to SMEs which demand high resiliency in connectivity, excellent voice quality and reliability.

This will combine existing connectivity options such as fibre, wireless, LTE and ADSL to provide the best possible connection while also prioritising traffic to improve internet calling, should that be something that your business depends on.

You can see a diagram of how that’s all connected in the header image above.

Keeping things connected at all times is the name of the game here with features like traffic load balancing and failover configuration at play. Those interested in the nitty gritty should check out the product sheet PDF available here for the full details.

“Furthermore, a cloud-based monitoring platform allows users to view their access links’ performance in real time. They get email notifications of link downtime when a failover event occurs including the ability to adjust their load balancing and failover strategies at will,” States head of wireless at Vox, Jacques Visser.

Having recently had a downed fibre line bring business to halt we can definitely see the appeal of a system like this, especially as more needs to be conducted online as the COVID-19 pandemic shows no sign of abating.

Those wanted to get their SME connected in this way should head on over to the Vox website to make an enquiry or use the site’s live chat function.

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