Smartphone maker Huawei has a fresh lease on life with Huawei Mobile Services, it’s own ecosystem for smartphones.

Huawei Mobile Services – or HMS as it’s commonly known – gives you the ability to customise your device, access cloud services, track your health and perhaps most importantly, move between Huawei smartphones easily thanks to HUAWEI ID.

Much like other solutions you may be familiar with, HUAWEI ID allows you to link and access all of your applications with a single tap. Upgrade your smartphone recently? So long as you have a HUAWEI ID and have used HMS in the past, your apps are easily accessible.

And if you’re using HMS for the first time you’ll be impressed with the spread of applications available on Huawei’s own app store, HUAWEI AppGallery.

The AppGallery contains useful apps such as the Nedbank Money app, Takealot’s App and Mr D Food, but with so much cybercrime how secure is the platform?

Earlier this year Huawei detailed how it approaches security for the platform.

At the heart of HMS is HMS Core 4.0.

This technology provides features such as security detection, dynamic tag management, fast identity online (FIDO) authentication, digital copyright protection and cloud security.

To stave off man-in-the-middle attacks, HMS Core 4.0 features quad-level security detection mechanisms. The technology is also able to detect malicious in-app behaviour such as eavesdropping or taking screenshots.

In addition to this, users are given a wide range of controls over what features of a smartphone and app can make use of. This includes deciding which features an app can make use of such as whether it can access your device’s location or your camera.

For parents this includes parental controls. These controls are incredibly robust and allow users to restrict what apps can be downloaded according to their region. The HUAWEI AppGallery also has age ratings clearly marked so parents can rest assured that the content they download is suitable for the little ones.

While we are still waiting for wide-spread rollout of 5G, HUAWEI AppGallery features a range of 5G apps. These apps don’t need to be installed and instead can be launched directly from the store instantly. No more downloading needed thus not requiring any data.

Not sure what to buy? The AppGallery sports a wishlist so you can know exactly when the latest mobile game lands. There’s even an option to install an app as soon as it launches for your convenience.

The HUAWEI AppGallery is caked into the latest Huawei devices including the Huawei P40 Pro. The HUAWEI AppGallery gives you access to your favourite apps where ever, whenever.

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