If you’re as fan of ridiculous fictional videogames you’ll be happy to know that Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge from The Simpsons is now real. Kind of.

itch.io user Aaron Demeter has recreated the section of the game which can be seen in season seven, episode eleven.

The full clip of the game from the show – which you can watch here complete with Bandicam watermark – is under a minute long so don’t expect a massive amount of content here.

You can play Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge for free right here. The full experience can be had in your browser, or you can download it.

You can get around with a mouse (or arrow keys) and you will need to hit some number keys to input the all important 787 number for the power of the swing.

Ball is in “parking lot”.

You can go against what Mr. Carvallo suggests, just like in the show, or you can follow “his” instructions to actually succeed. Alternatively hit it into the parking lot.

We experimented a bit to see what was possible and you can do some silly things like using the three wood and a power drive to do a gentle tap into the hole. The number you can enter doesn’t seem to correlate with how hard the club is actually swung, so play around with it.

People have already been uploading spins on it like “longplays” and “speedruns” and, uploaded in 2019, the perfect music to play in the background already exists.

Since being uploaded to itch.io a couple of days ago the game has become rather popular. Demeter points out that it had received more than thirteen thousand views so far and we can only assume that number has grown significantly since that information was shared.

We can only hope that the popularity of this little project leads to more fake videogames, from The Simpsons or otherwise, being made.