While The Last of Us Part 2 was the biggest launch this past weekend another title released on the same date. 3dSen launched on Steam’s Early Access programme and allows players to re-experience NES games by converting them into 3D, and some of the first people to adopt this are speedrunners.

“A unique emulator that converts your favorite NES games – both classic and modern homebrew – into Full 3D & allows you to play it in realtime,” reads the description for 3dSen.

This software’s claim to fame is the fact that it literally adds a new dimension to classic titles while retaining the gameplay.

Keeping all the old glitches, warps and other tricks is important for speedrunners who are already playing around with 3dSen. While it’s probably not going to become the de facto way to attempt world records, it really makes for an interesting experience both for seasoned runners and those watching their endless tries at new times.

Kosmic, the current world record holder for Super Mario Bros. Any%, was one of the first to give this a bash.

You can see a bit of that in the highlight video embedded below, with more available on Twitch and YouTube.

As for 3dSen itself it has had a decent reception currently standing with a Very Positive overall review standing on Steam.

The software has been in development since 2015 and will continue to be worked on throughout its life in Early Access.

As for a 1.0 release “mid or late 2020” is what is pencilled in. As it is already mid 2020, it looks like the full release may be towards the end of the year.

3dSen is available right now on Steam, with a VR version listed on a separate store page. The former is discounted by 10 percent until 9th July and the latter has a free demo to make sure it works with your VR setup.