With everything happening in the world one would be forgiven for forgetting that autonomous and smart cars was something the tech world was pursuing aggressively.

As a reminder of this, Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz have announced a partnership which would see Mercedes-Benz cars being a lot smarter and a lot easier to update.

This would be enabled by Nvidia Drive AGX Orin. This platform is able to assist in the processing of data from a car’s camera, lidar sensors and locating a car on a map. It supports autonomous driving as well as a host of other safety features.

This platform will be implemented in every next-generation Mercedes-Benz starting in 2024.

“This is a field that has so many opportunities, it will make driving much safer on the road to fully autonomous driving,” Mercedes-Benz chief executive officer, Ola Källenius, said in a statement.

“By using an architecture from NVIDIA that makes it possible to update through the life of the vehicle, there will be endless possibilities,” the CEO added.

That last sentence is an important one as having a unified eco-system would make it easier to deploy fixes, updates and more just like it is with smartphones. However, we do find ourselves wondering out loud whether older vehicles would meet the same fate as older smartphones. That is, abandoned and forgotten about from a software point-of-view.

While Nvidia says that cars can constantly receive over-the-air updates the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Putting the future aside for a moment, cars would be able to receive updates for new features incredibly easily thank to Nvidia’s tech.

“The definition of a car will change forever. No longer will the best moment of your car be at the point of sale. The Mercedes-Benz partnership is the starting point, and behind it are thousands of engineers. They’re your own personal software and research lab, who will stay with you over the life of the car,” said Nvidia chief executive officer, Jensen Huang.

“This will revolutionize the way cars are sold and enjoyed,” Huang added.

While it all seems rather pie in the sky, intelligent cars are an unstoppable force and being able to update them easily is definitely necessary given the amount of cybercrime we face.

[Source – Nvidia]