Whenever you’re on the hunt for new hardware the most common question you’re going to be asked is this: “what kind of game do you want to play?” Choosing the best monitor for the games and tasks you intend to spend your time on is the best way to go about things, and the AOC 27G2 may be the way to go for a large amount of people.

This monitor has something for just about anyone, including…

The esports player

VALORANT is the latest competitive FPS on the scene.

From MOBA to FPS there’s a few shared features every serious player looks for in esports and hobby titles. One of those is the refresh rate, something the AOC 27G2 has in spades with 144Hz. There really is no going back to the regular 60Hz once you’ve experienced 114Hz, and this level of performance is much easier to obtain than many people think thanks to the careful programming of most popular games to make them light on resources.

Refresh rate isn’t enough most of the time, so you can also look forward to a pixel response time of one millisecond. While you really may not think that an extra millisecond or two can make the difference, this is another feature like super high refresh rates that you won’t believe you’ve lived so long without.

The sim enthusiast

While this robot game may not exist, upcoming titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator are begging for this kind of setup.

The 27 inch display on the AOC 27G2 will probably be enough for most people, but sometimes you just need more screens to properly immerse yourself in that flight, space or driving simulator.

Thankfully this screen was built with that in mind – the bezels here are 1.2 millimetres. If you need to break out the calipers to measure the bezels on your screen, you know you’re in the right place. This means you can stack this screen to suit your needs with the popular three wide setup being nice and easy to get going.

Even for those not interested in sim games, an extra screen is usually a wise investment, especially one without massive embezzles. If you want to try your hand at streaming, have a text book open during school livestreams, or just want more screen real estate to keep everything tidy, then it’s worth considering more than one monitor.

The programmer

If you want to try and make games instead of playing them the stand behind the screen becomes rather important.

The AOC 27G2’s 4-way adjustable stand supports height, swivel, pivot and tilt adjustments. The swivel goes all the way to 90 degrees so you can fit more into a portrait screen.

To help your eyes after all those hours of work, there’s also a Low Blue Mode to reduce that spectrum of light which many find makes staring at screens uncomfortable. While there is third party software out there to replicate this, as well as glasses you can wear, having this feature built into your monitor takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation.

Oh, and while using your screen in portrait mode is great for programming or even the aforementioned textbooks, it’s also great for browsing social media.

The AOC 27G2 has a RRP of R5 999. You can pick it up, as well as other AOC monitors, at Wootware, Evetech, Takealot and Titan Ice.

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