For so long storage has been the the forgotten, utilitarian part of most people’s lives, either relegated to the inside of a dusty PC tower or the corner of a notebook bag. The Seagate One Touch, however, is a different kind of portable storage solution.

The first differentiator here is the size because the One Touch wants to blend in with something like a credit card instead of electronics. While it will, of course, fit into the aforementioned laptop bag or a backpack, it’s small enough to throw into your pocket and forget about.

At 75 X 55.5 X 10 millimetres, this drive can fit just about anywhere. And, at an astonishing 65 grams, carrying it with you won’t be a pain. While these kinds of drives have always been seen as a companion for a computer, the diminutive size here means you won’t mind much carrying it with you if you need a massive boost in storage for your phone or tablet.

We weren’t kidding about the size.

That tiny size is accomplished because there’s no spinning disc here, the One Touch is a portable SSD in both 500GB and 1TB capacities. Both are big enough to fit just about anything, but the smaller capacity option is great if you know you don’t need that much space, and you don’t want to spend more.

Using the included 20 centimetre USB 3.0 cable you can can hit a maximum data transfer rate of 400MB/s, so you’re never sitting around waiting for your storage to catch up to you.

But maybe you’ve heard all of this before. Maybe you already own a portable SSD in an unpleasant plastic enclosure that’s already scuffed up after a few trips out. The next party piece of the One Touch is actually on the outside, as the enclosure features a woven fabric.

If you like to make everything match you’ll be happy to see that both black and white fabric options are on offer. Aside from looking smart, this is where the One Touch gets its name because most makers of electronics don’t really consider what their products feel like in the hand, especially if it’s something you’re going to be using often like a portable drive.

With the adoption of more interesting materials outside of the standard plastics and metals that are so common, we can see a time in the near future where more products are made like this. That being said that’s in the future, and the One Touch is available today, and in South Africa.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Seagate One Touch, head on over to Wootware.

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