With regular SATA SSDs being so commonplace nowadays, the real storage solution to go to when you want the fastest on the market, is the sleek NVMe SSD. But now even these are becoming run of the mill and those looking for more are wondering where to turn their gaze.

One product worth checking out for those left wanting is the Seagate FireCuda 520 which uses the PCIe Gen4 ×4 interface which promises almost 45 percent faster sequential reads / writes than the previous generation.

From the FireCuda 520 you can expect sequential read / write speed of up to – get this – 5 000/ 4 400 MB/s. At this point it’s rather silly to measure speed in megabytes per second, because we’re in the realm of gigabytes per second.

With games routinely pushing 50 gigabytes or more and workloads not looking to get any smaller any time soon, having a large, speedy SSD is becoming more and more important. When that SSD can move several gigabytes around in seconds, this kind of cutting edge technology becomes something you’ll struggle to live without once you’ve experienced it.

This isn’t just about loading into a multiplayer lobby before anyone else either, it’s a quality of life boost that you’ll be happily experiencing daily. With working from home becoming the new norm the large capacity of the FireCuda 520 models can hold your operating system, personal files and work files all on the same drive.

While many still prefer to have everything relegated to its own piece of hardware the price and performance numbers have finally intersected at a point where it makes sense to buy one large capacity NVMe SSD like the FireCuda 520 and enjoy faster work and personal use from one device.

While the new interface means more speed it doesn’t mean a lack of compatibility. The FireCuda 520 works with all PCIe 4.0 motherboards and it’s fully backwards compatible with PCIe 3.0 platforms.

The 520, like many Seagate products, also benefits from the SeaTools SSD software. In SeaTools you can check on the health of your drive, monitor performance, apply updates and more. SeaTools also works across multiple drives so if the maximum capacity two terabyte FireCuda 520 isn’t enough for you, you can load up on multiples and monitor them all from one programme.

We have to imagine that many people will want to download this just to grab those performance numbers and share them around. Remember: the first time you send it your friends it’s just polite sharing, every time after that and it’s showing off.

Locally the FireCuda 520, as well as Seagate’s extensive range of data storage products, are available to purchase online from Loot.co.za, Takealot and Wootware.

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