Comic Con Africa 2020 cancelled & moved online

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Comic Con Africa, which has been running since 2018, has officially been cancelled for its third main outing in 2020. The reason, of course, is the COVID-19 pandemic and the South African lockdown which has continued since March.

This has been announced by way of a livestream hosted on the official Comic Con Africa YouTube channel, as well as some posts on its main website and this FAQ.

“It’s a little bit bittersweet but we’ve really had to make the decision that we cannot run Comic Con Africa this year. It’s devastating, certainly for our fans, for us, for the entire community, but safety first. There’s two things: first we have to look after the safety of our fans, our exhibitors, our stakeholders, our celebs, ourselves, our staff but also there’s been an indefinite ban on public gatherings… we expect that to go into the third of fourth quarter of this year. In reality would we even be allowed to run the Con? Probably not,” says Carol Weaving, managing director of the organiser Reed Exhibitions Africa.

As with many large events like this which have suffered a similar fate Comic Con Africa isn’t just gone from 2020, but will be moving online to provide some kind of comparable event.

In that regard the organiser is aiming rather high not just offering a livestream but also a plethora of other convention staples such as panel sessions, access to comic artists, exhibitors which can be bought from as well as celebrities from both overseas and here at home.

For those who were planning to attend the 2020 event in-person, and may have already spent some money in that regard, there is concessions being made for you. Already purchased tickets can be refunded or held onto where they will be transferred into tickets for the 2021 Comic Con Africa.

Ticketing partner Howler will apparently email those who have bought tickets to give customers a choice for what they’d like to do.

The exact mechanics of how this online con will work will be detailed in the near future with the livestream urging viewers to follow Comic Con Africa’s various social media platforms where information will revealed. So for now it’s just time to sit and wait for a bit more information.

Again we recommend reading the aforementioned FAQs.

If you’re missing that physical con experience you can check out our Comic Con Africa archive for our full coverage on the last couple years of the physical event.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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