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In Rogue Legacy 2 you can die from your own bad cooking

In April we learned that Rogue Legacy 2 was in development and today we finally have some more news about the sequel to a very influential game in the roguelike genre.

Come 23rd July Rogue Legacy 2 will be available on Steam Early Access where developer Cellar Door Games is promising major updates approximately every two months. Minor updates and bug fixes will come between these bigger additions.

The game is scheduled to be in Early Access for around a year with a 1.0 release planned for 2021, but this isn’t a guarantee.

When the 23rd July launch happens, however, there will still be a lot of content on offer. More than 700 unique rooms, four character classes, 35 traits and 25 skills will all be available then.

You can see some of this in the new trailer embedded below.

A major focus of this sequel seems to be making each run more unique with the successive characters offering up more variety on how they play along with the unique traits that are usually on the humerus side.

From seeing colour (synesthesia) to audience applause throughout (pure diva), there’s a lot of uniqueness to each character that may make them better or worse to play, but always makes the runs more interesting.

Our favourite is simply “terrible cook” in which trying to make some simple food can be deadly. We love the character’s little shrug when their cauldron of food offs them. The animations and character models look to be much improved this time around to really sell moments like that.

“The ‘genealogical rogue-lite’ is back, and we need your help to make sure we hit all the right spots. We’re adding brand new gameplay elements, improvements on familiar features, and flat-out a ton more content. There’s unique class weapons, new traits, and new aspects like offshore banking, all wrapped up in a sparkling 2.5D style! We’re blowing the top off all the details to the game,” reads the game description.

Check the game’s Steam page for more and to add it to your wishlist if you’re so inclined. The end of the trailer also features the logo of the Epic Games Store, but that doesn’t seem to be live yet.

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