The next big update for Destiny 2 to be revealed on 9th June

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Bungie has seemingly been teasing the arrival of The Darkness (no, not the band) for some time now. It featured prominently as a plot point in last year’s Shadowkeep DLC, and made easter egg appearances in subsequent Destiny 2 seasons.

While the developer has not confirmed The Darkness as the main threat in the next big update for Destiny, a recently posted and since deleted Instagram video says different.

In the video, pasted below, which was uploaded to YouTube by user gifv_Kyle earlier today, we see Eris Morn walking through a snowstorm on what looks to be Europa, which is the smallest of Jupiter’s moons.

For those who have not played Shadowkeep yet, Morn is the main ally throughout the campaign, and is also the Guardian that first interacted with The Darkness in the form of the giant pyramid that sat beneath the Moon’s crust.

Given Morn’s obsession with The Darkness, and her featuring in the teaser video, it stands to reason that we’ll finally be getting the antagonist that has been lurking in the shadows for some time.

As for when the reveal for the next update will happen, the video says 9th June, with 18:00 local time appearing on screen.

Given that Bungie has since taken down the video, it still remains to be seen if the company does indeed plan to reveal all the details on 9th June.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal scheduled for later this week has been postponed, so Bungie might be following suit, as the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd is the main focus in the US at present.

Regardless of when Bungie does plan to reveal the next big update, it will really need to wow its community of players, who have found the more recent event and DLC mixed at best.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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