The SNES is the latest console to be hacked into a Nintendo Switch dock

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Back in May we featured the work of Reddit user /u/IMOKRUOK who turned a broken NES into a functional dock for the Nintendo Switch. Now they’re back doing the same for the SNES.

As you can see from the header image above some concessions needed to be made due to the fact that the SNES is much slimmer than the NES, and can’t fit a Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Cons attached. To make this version work the Joy-Cons need to be detached from the Switch and inserted into their own smaller docks on the side.

This isn’t a perfect solution but it’s the only way to make it work while using an original SNES. Again, those worried about a functional old console being destroyed for this project can rest easy as a completely ruined one was used here.

After cleaning up the console – which was yellowed by cigarette smoke and infested with roaches – it was gutted to make room for the circuitry from an actual Nintendo Switch dock, as well as the Joy-Con docks, a pair of 30mm fans, and extensions for the various ports.


The completed internals are rather impressive (see the images at the bottom of this story) and the eject button still works, though it raises the Switch only a couple of centimetres out of the dock.

If you have the parts and the skills to make your own, click on the embedded gallery above to see pictures from just about every step of the process. Most images also contain a short sentence or two with more information.

There’s also a post on Reddit with a bit of an FAQ for those who want more information.

Those hoping to tap up the original poster to hopefully buy one from them, they seem to cost a lot due to the price of the parts and the labour involved.

“Sure, if you really want one that badly and are willing to pay me what I feel is fair. Unfortunately when you add up the cost of parts $100-150, then 35 plus hours of labor it usually prices people out of wanting a custom switch dock. I also don’t care about the exposure, or how much your kid ‘would love it’ I put time into the project and that’s worth something,” Says /u/IMOKRUOK.

[Images – /u/IMOKRUOK]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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