South Africans hoping to buy Horizon Zero Dawn on PC had a tumultuous time this weekend as the game was initially announced with a very favourable regional price before it shot up dramatically.

When announced that the game would be launching come 7th August its Steam page was updated with a price. For those in the US it costs $50 (~R852.78), but South Africans would only need to pay R269 thanks to Steam’s regional pricing.

Unfortunately, a few hours later, this was increased dramatically to R680, which is the price you will be paying on Steam right now.

If you have’t yet used the R35 coupon for the Steam Summer Sale 2020 that can help, but having to pay more than twice as much is a real kick in the teeth.

South Africa isn’t the only country experiencing this. Multiple countries have had massive increases, all higher than 100%.

There is wild speculation that this increase is because of people abusing VPNs, but there’s no actual source for this information right now. It’s more likely that publisher Sony or Guerrilla simply made a mistake during the initial listing and went back to correct it and make more money.

Regardless there is still a way to get the game, legally, for less than R680. The Epic Games Store (EGS) is also selling the game which is currently listed as $21.99 (~R375,25). While the EGS does support regional pricing, which is why we’re getting it for less, it still lists games in USD.

The EGS did also see price increases, but they weren’t nearly as substantial as those on Steam.

And you can shave more money off of that too. If you had an account on the store during the “Mega Sale” a while back you would have been gifted a $10 (~R170.64) coupon. If you haven’t used the coupon yet it should still be in your account and will only expire come 1st November 2020. This means that you can get Horizon Zero Dawn for about R204 depending on the exchange rate.

The one big caveat here is timing. EGS coupons do not apply to pre-orders, so you will need to wait until 7th August. We all also have to collectively hope that the price on the EGS doesn’t change and the Rand holds steady until then.