The next few days could prove testing for South Africans when it comes to access to electricity, with Eskom issuing an advisement to reduce usage following the tripping of generation units at two of its Mpumalanga power plants.

It remains to be seen if the prospect of loadshedding will occur as a result, but the constraint on the national grid may continue into the coming weekend if additional issues occur.

“Eskom requests the public to reduce electricity usage as the power generation system is still severely constrained. This morning one generation unit each at the Kendal and Tutuka power stations tripped, adding to the Tutuka unit that tripped yesterday evening,” the power utility explained in a statement.

“Any additional breakdowns will compromise Eskom’s ability to supply the country through the peak demand period of 17:00 – 21:00. This constrained supply situation may persist through the weekend,” it adds.

Whether or not South Africans will heed the call is unclear, especially as most of the country is contending with cold weather during these winter months.

Eskom says it is working hard to return the lost generation units, but at this stage, things are finely balanced and could tip over into the negative at any stage.

[Image – Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash]