Open up Instagram today and you should see a new feature that allows users to pin comments to the top of feed posts.

Well we say new, but this feature was being tested out in May along with the ability to filter comments. Now one of those features has made it out of the testing phase, with Instagram confirming via tweet that it will be available to all its users.

Pinning comments is part of a range of features that Instagram is wanting to roll out in an effort to give its users greater control over conversations. Whether it does indeed prompt improved interactions remains to be seen, but the feature is easy enough to figure out.

When you swipe on a specific comment, you will see a pin icon appear alongside the usual delete, reply and reporting options. Once selected, said comment will be pinned to the top of a particular conversation.

In theory it should make it easier to understand the context of a specific conversation, which depending on how many people are interacting with it, can sometimes get out of hand and difficult to understand.

As such we’re hoping that this feature will help to ensure conversations do not get steered to far off topic.