Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks were rather popular last year when several internet service providers had service interrupted.

As you might imagine, given the pandemic, any business being offline right now could be disastrous and protection from DDoS attacks is a must.

Vodacom Business, which offers cloud and hosting services, connectivity and internet of things solutions, has today announced a partnership with Cloudflare.

Through this partnership Vodacom Business is able to offer both DDoS protection and traffic acceleration for all network infrastructure.

“Now is not the time to let your guard down. With some businesses going back to their offices but many others still operating via remote working, cyber criminals are gearing up to further attack businesses as they adopt a hybrid model between their corporate network and remote set up,” says managing executive for Cloud, Hosting and Security at Vodacom Business, Kabelo Makwane.

Regarding pricing for this DDoS protection from Cloudflare, Makwane says it will depend on the number of domains, among other factors.

“The cost depends on the number of domains, the size of the bandwidth, the features turned on and service levels taken,” the executive explained to Hypertext.

“We sit with the customer to carve a solution that fits their risk appetite and budget,” Makwane added.

On that note we recommend getting in touch with Vodacom Business to see how it can assist with adding Cloudflare protection to your package.

Of course you could simply head right to Cloudflare and deal with the firm directly if you’d prefer.

Which ever option you prefer protection from DDoS attacks and other cyber-ills is highly recommended, especially if your business has moved online in recent months.