After many months stuck indoors we’ve started to become increasingly critical of our audio gear both from a communication standpoint and just listening to the latest music releases.

Last year we got to grips with the audio products from a US firm called 1MORE. What blew us away was the fact that this small firm makes some seriously good wireless earphones and headphones.

When we first used the Stylish True Wireless in ear headphones last year we were blown away at the clarity on both the low and high frequencies. This thanks to the aptX technology from Qualcomm which allows for faster transmission between your smartphone and the earphones for an incredible audio experience.

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For the sporty folks heading out to jog in the mornings and evenings the Fitness E1018BT iBFree Sport in-ear headphones offer a fantastic aural experience along with IPX6 water resistance thanks to nano coating. This means that even if you’re running in the rain, your earphones will keep the tunes coming.

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Of course 1MORE doesn’t just make wireless headphones.

The Classic Portable BT4.2 35W IPX4 TWS 85mm Portable Speaker is not only small and loud, it promises booming bass tones. This comes courtesy of Virtual Bass Technology and digital signal processing that allows the speaker to mimic tones below 70Hz. If you want bass that shakes your rib cage then, this is the speaker for you.

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For gamers 1MORE’s Gaming Spearhead VRX Waves Nx 3D Audio Over-Ear Headphones offer up an array of great features.

Beneath the customisable LEDs you’ll find a 50mm Maglev Graphene Driver that allows the cans to output a bit more bass than you’re expecting. The closed-back design also means you’re less likely to be disturbed by something outside of the game. As for the microphone a dual microphone array is present together with Environmental Noise Cancellation so your team hears your communication and not your keyboard.

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This is just a sample of 1MORE’s offering and you can find more products over on the local website.

What’s more is that we have a special offer just for our readers.

Using the code HTXT1MORE at checkout will give a 10 percent discount on the quoted price of all 1MORE products, with the exception of the E1001BT, until 31st August.

Simply head to the 1MORE website, find your next pair of earphones, headphones or your next portable speaker and use the discount code. Buy today and get extra discounts.

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