Cloud infrastructure provider Routed is set to join the African Cloud Exchange (ACX) following an announcement from Teraco earlier on Monday.

The ACX was created to improve enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud performance and Routed’s VMware Cloud Verified partner status will assist greatly in the environment.

“Multi-cloud strategies are growing in adoption as they mitigate service disruption and also reduce vendor lock-in. Routed, as a member of ACX, strengthens the ecosystem and will undoubtedly help in driving businesses to the cloud, which is one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spend,” said managing director at Routed, Andrew Cruise.

Routed now offers a cloud platform through VMware which makes it easier to access multiple cloud environments. This will surely allow for ACX to offer more flexibility for businesses looking to respond to the market with greater agility.

Of course, Teraco has always operated carrier and cloud neutral colocation data centres, this new addition in the form of Routed simply helps to hammer that message home a bit more while also adding to ACX’s capabilities.

What’s more is that manager of interconnection and peering at Teraco, Andrew Owens, believes that Routed’s involvement will help businesses who are using the cloud.

“While there was no time-pressure for businesses to adopt a cloud methodology, it is rapidly evolving, and the cloud is becoming a vital tool for any business wanting to succeed. ACX is a technology-neutral and growing ecosystem, and we are excited to welcome a local cloud provider such as Routed and its VMware platform,” says Owens.

For more information regarding Routed or Teraco we recommend visiting the respective websites.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]