With conventions and trade shows all mostly cancelled in 2020, especially E3, publishers have had to find new ways to highlight their upcoming games. For Devolver Digital that took the form of a free game called Devolverland Expo which has had 500 000 players so far.

As a quick recap Devolverland Expo, which you can grab for free on Steam, is a stealth FPS of sorts which tasks the player with infiltrating a closed convention centre. Using a T-shirt cannon to distract the robot guards, you can explore the halls of the expo looking at all the abandoned displays.

This is all set dressing for people to experience the slate of upcoming games from Devolver Digital. The stands inside of the expo hall are mostly based on real games that the publisher will be releasing in the future, and you can experience parts of the games through the elaborate stands and in-game trailers.

Half a million people have played it so far and it currently has a Very Positive overall rating on Steam with 89 percent of the 3 461 reviews being positive.

This isn’t just a one and done event either, as Devolver Digital has promised an update to the game.

“And Devolverland Expo will be updated TOMORROW with fixes, graphics options, mouse / gamepad inversion options, and sensitivity options. Thanks for the feedback!,” the publisher writes on Twitter. 

The developer of the game is Flying Wild Hog who is best known for the recent Shadow Warrior games. Having played through Devolverland Expo you can definitely see the great work of these devs on offer. For a free piece of promotional software its graphically impressive and certain areas, such as the one for upcoming game Fall Guys, have a lot of care and thought put into them.

The game is free so we recommend giving it a try. It’s a bit on the large side for this kind of software at just over seven gigabytes, but it’s worth the download.