The South African arm of Virgin Active has released the procedures it is going to put in place when it re-opens, including online bookings for attendance, capacity monitoring and employee screening.

In an email sent out to members – which you can read online here – the gym outlines what said members can expect when / if they return.

There’s a big emphasis on that as, just recently, lockdown restrictions in South Africa were tightened by government. With no official word about when gyms and similar businesses can re-open, this is a bit of wishful thinking from Virgin Active.

That aside it is good to know what the company has planned. Some of the main points have been included in the graphic below, with most of it being now familiar protocols which have become a part of public life in this pandemic.

Specific to gyms, Virgin Active has shown off specifics such as zones to clean off free weights, exercise machines that have been properly spaced apart, physical training sessions were no contact will be allowed and more.

“Exercise plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system and fighting COVID-19, so it’s important that we are able to offer a safe environment where you can exercise with confidence. When we reopen, your safety will be our number one priority. We have been working hard to make sure all our clubs are ready to reopen offering the safest possible environment for our members,” reads the gym’s email to its members.

Whether all of this will be enough to keep everyone safe, or if government even allows gyms to open again, remains to be seen.

More information about Virgin Active’s re-opening plans can be found here.

Finally a video has been provided showing off these new measures. Strangely the upload date of it is more than a month ago on 11th June.

It is, however, unlisted, so we assume it’s just been uploaded now and will be made public and shared more widely should re-opening actually happen.