While the story of The Last of Us Part II may be contentious, the technical work and the quality of the animations especially have been universally praised. Today you’re able to see a bit of the behind the scenes of weapon reload animation thanks to a video uploaded by Troy Slough.

Slough is the head Of Player Animation at Naughty Dog for this game and shared a post on his ArtStation account about his work, which includes the video embedded below.

This was uploaded in June but hasn’t garnered much attention until actor Noshir Dalal posted it to Reddit, so more people could see the team’s work in closer detail.

The video shows off Ellie handling a revolver, pistols, rifles and even a bow.

Slough explains that he was in charge with many parts of the animation such as sprinting, crouching, aiming and more, with the reload work being his pick of the bunch.

“But my favorite part of the project was doing many of the reloads that were seen in the game. Working for days with seasoned stunt women and men to capture data at the mocap stage and then making it work in game with the correct timing and style, was so much fun it should be illegal,” Slough adds.

Back on Reddit Dalal answered various questions about recording the mocap reload work which would be translated into animations for the game. We suggest giving it a read if you’re interested in game dev details for these large games.

What’s also interesting is that Dalal has worked on many other games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Marvel’s Spider-Man, and even other characters in The Last of Us Part II – he makes mention of the Stalker and Bloater enemies.