Last week, the Washington NFL team finally decided to change its highly controversial name and logo. While the decision has taken quite some time to happen, it has been universally praised as the right thing to do, especially given its connotations for Native Americans.

Making a change as a result is EA, with the developer noting that it would be adding a generic team in place of the previous one for Madden 21.

“We are pleased to see Washington’s decision to change their team name and visual identity,” said an EA spokesperson in a statement obtained by The Hollywood Reporter

“We are quickly working to update Madden NFL 21 to feature a generic Washington team, while we await final word on the updated team name and logo design. Changes to the name and logo will come via title updates that will download automatically,” it adds.

As far as when these changes will be seen, EA Access are said to be the first players to experience them, although a precise date on when the title will be updated has not been mentioned.

The developer also notes that some references to the old team may still exist in-game, but they are working to ensure this is as limited as possible.

“The first changes will be available to our EA Access players and will include audio/commentary updates; motion graphics and presentation updates; stadium art, environments, crowd gear and signage updates; and uniform updates,” the EA statement continues.

“Players may continue to see some outdated Washington references in other areas of the game at launch, but we are committed to removing all of those from the game in additional title updates coming shortly after launch,” it goes on.

Given the above, it is likely that the changes will only take effect after the launch of Madden 21 on 25th August.

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