After a week where the country was impacted by stage 1 and 2 loadshedding, the weekend was things resume to a relative state of normal. Monday, however, has seen Eskom have to enforce load reduction later this afternoon. At 17:00 to be more precise, with it scheduled to last until 22:00 this evening.

Load reduction differs from loadshedding though, and does not impact the entire country.

Instead, as Eskom points out in a recent tweet regarding the announcement, load reduction is only being done in areas which routinely suffer from illegal connections, meter bypasses and vandalism.

This is done in an effort to, “avoid network overloading in high density areas,” the power utility explains. It has also listed which areas in particular will be impacted, with two townships in Gauteng baring the brunt of it – Katlehong and Vosloorus.

Eskom has also detailed which suburbs within the aforementioned townships will be affected. You can see them in the tweet below and plan accordingly.

Whether we’ll be experiencing the same loadshedding as happened last week, remains to be seen, but as always, the power utility is urging citizens to keep excess use of electricity to a minimum.

[Image – Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash]