Facebook Pages is looking a little different these days. A new design for the mobile version of Facebook Pages is currently being tested with a select number of users, following another initial test with a smaller pool.

As for what this new design is touting, according to TechCrunch which has gotten hands on with it, it is far cleaner that the previous version as seen on the header image above, with the old design on the left and new design on the right.

Along with the cleaner design, one of the interesting elements is the removal of the Like button and Like counter. This will instead be replaced by a Follow button and Followers counter.

This isn’t the first time that Facebook has experimented with Likes, having done something similar on Instagram last year.

As Facebook explains, the removal of the Like button was done to create a more accurate reflection of a Page’s popularity. In the example given, a Facebook Pages may have received Likes from many years ago, but have since been unfollowed by the same user.

The Follower counter should therefore provide a more accurate indication of how broad a reach the content that a Page has.

Other changes as part of the new design include an easier way to navigate News Feeds, as well as switching between other user’s private and public Pages, along with the ability to better manage administrative elements of a Page.

For now, it remains to be seen when  or indeed if Facebook will be moving its new look Pages design out of the testing phase and makes it a fully fledged update for all users.