Pokkén Tournament DX – the Pokémon fighting game by Bandai Namco – will soon be entirely free to play, but only for a certain group of people and only for a limited period of time.

Subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online will be able to participate in the Game Trial of the title between 29th July 10:00 PDT and 4th August 11:59 PDT.

If this sounds familiar to you, you may be confusing a Game Trial with a demo, both of which Pokkén Tournament DX have now. Game Trials give you full access to the game for a set time period, while demos are vertical slices that usually have less content or kneecap the amount you can play in some way. The demo for this game, for example, put a limit on the amount of fights you could have before it ended.

This Game Trial was first announced for the Japanese market but the Western arms of Nintendo have confirmed that the rest of the world will have access too. Right now the full Game Trial can be downloaded – just open your Nintendo Switch’s eShop and search for the game. You will, of course, not be able to access the software until 29th July.

So why give this fighting game a chance, years after its launch? Well Pokkén Tournament DX still has a dedicated competitive scene complete with organised play that is supported by Pokémon. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced official tournaments and events of this nature to close for 2020, Pokémon instituted a large tournament to take place entirely from players’ homes. That tournament includes this game and, while qualifying is now over, there’s always the chance to play in the next one.

Aside from that, like most Nintendo games, Pokkén Tournament DX is still priced like a new game. If you don’t want to blow your budget on an older title this is the perfect time to play it, or be convinced to pay for the full game after the trial ends.