Since 2018 spooky alternate reality Soviet Union / paranormal game Atomic Heart has been popping up now and again to keep us excited about its eventual launch. Developer Mundfish has appeared again to answer community questions, one of which involves animals.

The now famous @CanYouPetTheDog account has made animals you can interact with more common in games, and this has extended to Atomic Heart.

When asked if you can pet a dog in this game, Mundfish replied with this:

“No, we don’t have dogs. But you may pet a pig. Do you like petting pigs? You’ll know when you pet one in Atomic Heart.”

While we haven’t yet pet the pig in Atomic Heart, we have in real life and we can attest to that claim. At the time of writing, however, Mundfish have not provided a screenshot or video of this interaction. A true shame.

For those more interested in the development of the game the developer has addressed this too.

“All of the game’s functions, mechanics, and systems are written and functioning,” Mundfish writes, “Most of the features are polished and are already in the game. Currently, we are scaling the content, adjusting the combat, improving the shooting, adding micro-cutscenes where necessary, implementing story cutscenes, and everything related to the narrative of the game.”

This is promising as the game is close to being seen in more detail by the public, something people have been asking for since 2018. A new trailer is on its way “soon”, so hopefully it will take the form of some straight gameplay.

There is some mention of mechanics in the game, such as the fact that inventory will be unlimited but comes with a stamina penalty, and no hair or outfit customisation is in the game.

The interesting lore of Atomic Heart will be explored through that age old videogame trope audio logs. An in-game exhibition called VDNKh will act as a game dungeon and will be a main part of the adventure which reveals lore.

The final big question worth covering here is that of length. Atomic Heart will take approximately 20 hours to beat the main story but the developer posits that several playthroughs will be needed to “properly understand it”.

These questions form part of a series of community Q&As with part one available on the Steam newshub. Mundfish promises more questions will be answered in the coming week.