Comic Con Africa and VX Comics have partnered to host the VX Africa Art Tournament, which the pair claim is the “The biggest online Art Tournament in Africa“.

The theme for this contest is “humanity” and requires that entrants create something that taps into the theme of human co-creation and solidarity, especially during the current times of the pandemic.

Submissions open on 1st August and will close on 20th August. Once entered there’s a rather complex process to make it to the end to be a potential winner.

There will be six stages in the contest ending with five artists competing in the finals in September and the winners announced on 27th September.

More than that, all the artists who reach the quarter finals will then need to create a new piece of art for the last part few stages of the contest. From the way this is set out that’s where the true “tournament” part of the event comes into play.

The full prices for first to tenth place can be found below. The main winner walks away with a lot of prizes, the main one being the paid trip to Comic Con Africa 2020. The event has been cancelled and moved online in 2020, so it looks like the organisers are banking on a physical show still happening next year.

First place also gets a comic book contract, and runner ups earn an array of tablets, cash prizes, paid accounts for certain websites and more.

See the contest page for more information about VX Africa Art Tournament.

1st Place

  • Flights, Accommodation and a Spotlight Artist Alley Booth at Comic Con Africa 2021 in South Africa – Johannesburg
  • $500 Comic book contract
  • CLIP STUDIO EX software
  • $50 ArtStation gift card
  • 1 Deco 03 digital tablet
  • 1 Pro ArtStation account.

2nd Place

  • 1 Artist 12 Pro digital display tablet
  • CLIP STUDIO PRO software.
  • 1 Pro ArtStation account
  • $800 cash prize.

3rd Place

  • 1 Deco Pro S digital tablet
  • CLIP STUDIO PRO software
  • 1 Pro ArtStation account
  • $200 cash prize.

4th Place

  • 1 Deco Pro S digital tablet
  • 1 Pro ArtStation account.

5th Place

  • 1 Deco 03 digital tablet
  • 1 Pro ArtStation account.

6th -10th Place

  • Consolation prizes.