It is common for us in South Africa to be passed over for “international” events, especially in the world of esports. Thankfully when AOC and Red Bull teamed up for the Solo Q League of Legends series, local gamers were included and the top South African player has the opportunity to win big.

On 15th August the local qualifiers for Solo Q will kick off to compete for two prizes: a top of the range AOC monitor and an all-expenses paid trip to Germany to compete in the World Final between 3rd and 6th December 2020.

That leaves competitors a good few weeks to get accustomed to the unique 1 V 1 duel format of Solo Q for the best chance of succeeding. The aim here is to strike First Blood by taking down the opponent’s tower first or be crossing 100 minion score.

Once familiar interested competitors can compete by registering right here. Hurry because spots are limited and everyone is going to want those prizes. Remember to register on or before 14th August to get in.

Registration is being handled by Toornament, a trusted name in the esports organisation world and Red Bull’s official partner software. Even before the pandemic moved most events online Toornament has been used to make the complicated task of tournament organisation easier, and we’ve seen it used countless times locally and internationally.

This event forms part of 35 national tournaments happening across the globe. While the focus here is very much on local talent, it will eventually end with finding out who’s the best in the world.

While the big prize is a new monitor, that lead time also means that you could potentially get yourself one before the event to practice. Like esports events, South Africans do sometimes miss out on the new, interesting tech that the top players use.

Thanks to AOC officially their best products here in the country that isn’t a worry. Across their range you can find every piece of advanced monitor tech like 0.5 ms response times, 240Hz refresh rates, thin bezels and more.

Thin bezels are especially important here. If you buy a new monitor, or use your existing one and you win the prize here, you’ll need those smaller gaps when you set up multiple screens.

With such a wide range of monitors available you can also pick and choose to fit your desired feature set and budget, the latter of which is important right now with South African electronics recently seeing a hike in price due to poor exchange rates.

Even if you’re not a competitor you can still get involved and follow the events of the Solo Q locally and internationally. #RedBullSoloQ on Twitter and Instagram has everything you’re looking for from the organisers, sponsors and players.

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