Fresh tomato is a scourge on burgers. Say what you like about the flavour it adds, the water content of the red fruit is enough to ruin an otherwise delicious burger.

The reason I have such confidence in saying this is because Uber Eats has released its Craving Report which offers insight into what South African’s orders look like.

Tomatoes are by far the least popular item on any food order with 70 000 orders requesting the fruit be left off of a meal. Following behind tomatoes are onions and pickles come in as the third most requested garnish to be left off of meals.

Regarding additions, South Africans requested extra chilli sauce, but strangely aren’t fans of mayonnaise.

It’s not just sauce that South Africans crave heat from. Uber Eats says as many as 5 000 orders for “hot” food were made while 1 300 more went the extra step requesting “extra hot” food.

Lockdown diets

As South Africa is still in lockdown it would be remiss not to mention that South Africans opted for healthier options on Uber Eats.

“During the nationwide lockdown, Uber Eats noticed a shift towards the adoption of healthier, reserved eating. Meat was commonly swapped for vegetarian-friendly options, while there was a stark increase in vegan orders placed. The keyword ‘healthy’ grew by an astonishing 82 percent while overall healthy orders increased by 71 percent. The Poke Bowl (with extra seasoning sauce for some reason) was the top healthy order,” says Uber Eats.

In addition to this 4 000 requests were made not to include cheese in meals. Bizarrely, many of these requests were for pizza. We’re not sure how to digest this news so we’re taking our mum’s advice and not saying anything.

Strange orders

Our favourite part of these reports is looking at the strange things people order.

For example, how about a dairy-free coffee, topped with cream. Not a fan? So how about a mild wrap with extra chillies?

By far and away the strangest thing we saw was barbeque sauce on a Kota.

Our favourite order is “cappuccino made with low-fat milk, 2 ¾ teaspoons of xylitol sugar without cream and dusted with cinnamon in the shape of a leaf”. We live in hope our coffee order will one day be this complex.

Even with these strange requests, South Africans are polite when requesting additions or changes. We rank third in the world when it comes to politeness on Uber Eats with “please” and “thank you” commonly used in comments and requests.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]