In past decades, your notebook or PC has the first technology touchpoint with which you engaged with the world. Fast forward to today and the smartphone is now the most essential piece of consumer technology in most people’s lives, armed with enough processing power and capabilities to do far more than was previously possible.

As we become more dependent on our smartphones to facilitate our lives, it has become increasingly important that security be a key part of the mobile experience too.

Above and beyond

It is not simply enough to have PIN, pattern or biometric security either, as these can be quickly outwitted by savvy hackers. Instead, security needs to bake into the very operating system of the mobile device.

Luckily, there exists such a platform with this in mind – Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

You’ve likely encountered, or at the very least, heard about HMS being the go-to platform on Huawei’s latest devices landing in the country.

It is not simply a replacement for Google Mobile Services, however, as Huawei’s engineers have ensured that HMS has the security and privacy of its user’s data as a key pillar in its design.

The first place you’ll encounter these security elements will be HUAWEI ID. This digital profile is key to accessing any of Huawei’s other mobile services, such as Mobile Cloud, Wallet, Music and Video.

With Huawei’s security operation team regularly analysing new cyberattacks in the industry, as well as reviewing existing security policies, HUAWEI ID is routinely optimised to protect against the latest mobile threats.

Securely handled

Another key tenet of HMS is its encryption and data protection features. These extend to data that is stored in the cloud or transmitted over a network, with data protection key to the design.

As such this functionality is present when securely logging in via HUAWEI ID, along with relying on end-to-end encryption while data transfers between devices are occurring.

The network security elements contained within HMS will also be of interest to heads of IT that need to worry about different devices in its work environment, as well as for those employees wanting to access work-related data when outside of the office.

Here, Huawei Mobile Services employs trusted security management with access protection on the cloud, isolation through network partitions, border attack defence, and proactive detection of unauthorised access, encrypted data storage, and comprehensive access audits.

As such, it is a comprehensive solution for those concerned with mobile device management.

Safe marketplace

Huawei has not forgotten about mobile applications either, and built security into every kernel of the AppGallery too.

While Huawei happily welcomes any and all developers to its platform, it still goes through stringent measures to review all applications on a constant basis, identifying, flagging and removing any which infringe upon the data protection of its users.

The company also looks after its community of developers too, and pays particular attention during the onboarding process for apps to the AppGallery, ensuring that privacy and security is embedded throughout. This painstaking focus means the best possible customer experience can be achieved as well.

With more South African service providers and businesses needing to grapple with PoPI, Huawei is already ahead of the curve by making its HMS platform protects the data of its users and is fully compliant in terms of local requirements. This includes photos, contacts, call records, emails, chat information, and frequently visited websites.

Always on our mind

As Huawei continues to work on security, given its constantly evolving nature, the company has worked hard to make sure that it holds the necessary certifications, both locally and internationally.

With security now a core element of the mobile experience, Huawei offers its users and developers the peace of mind that the content on their device is always secure and protected.

To find out more about Huawei Mobile Services, its features and benefits, head here.

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