To promote the new tiny survival game Grounded, Xbox has given a team of PC builders $2 500 (~R42K) each, to build small form factor computers.

If you haven’t checked the game out yet it’s co-op game about surviving in a backyard where regular house spiders become giant monsters and grass is more of a thick forest.

With the money the PC builders have three objectives: the computers must be as small as possible, they must be able to play Grounded, and they need to record their process for all to see.

To that end the eight builders and links to their social media have been provided as such:

If you don’t want to closely follow each of them at the links above, you will just need wait until 3rd August. On that day all the PCs will be properly revealed on the Xbox YouTube channel. Some of them have been partly revealed in the header image above.

After that, if you go to the Twitter account for Xbox Game Pass on 4th August, there will be a poll to decide which is the best build. A final poll will happen the next day, and a winner revealed on 6th August. There’s no mention of a prize but we’re sure the people competing, who got a few thousand dollars, aren’t complaining.

We’re hoping to see the PC incorporate some natural elements as that’s such a big part of the game. We’re not sure how humane an ant colony built into a PC would be, but we’d like to see it.

As a game published by Xbox Game Studios Grounded is available to play on Xbox Game Pass without the need for any additional purchases. It’s also available to buy outright in Early Access on Steam.

On Steam the game has been having a rather successful launch and continues to rake in positive reviews from early players.