Android 10 achieves record installs, but does it tell the full picture

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In past years, installations of the latest version of Android across all devices often struggled to keep pace with the unveiling of new operating systems, but that seemingly does not appear to be an issue anymore. This as Google confirms that Android 10 has been installed on 100 million devices over the past five months.

This install rate also happens to be the fastest among previous versions of Android, with this iteration achieving the feat 28 percent faster than that of Android Pie.

According to Google this latest development is no coincidence, with it working on past versions of the operating system to expand and fine tune the rollout and installation process.

As The Verge points out, however, there is some important information missing from what Google recently shared regarding Android 10. More specifically, what percentage of all Android devices are actually running 10?

While it has reached the 100 million milestone quickly, it does not necessarily paint the full picture when it comes to adoption of the OS. This is something that has been missing from Google’s reporting and feedback of late.

As such, Google may still be struggling to get the penetration that they’re aiming for, which is something that Apple has not had to contend with, with each version of iOS often seeing rapid adoption. iOS 13 for example, was running on 81 percent of all iPhones when Apple last reported numbers.

That said, Google has a far wider ecosystem and numerous manufacturers to deal with, which is something that Apple does not. Whether that adoption rate will change when it comes to Android 11, which rolled out on beta last month, remains to be seen.

The larger question for now is how Google plans to get its latest operating system on older devices.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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