Linkin Park nabs second billion view video on YouTube

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In The End, a song off of the 2000 Linkin Park album Hybrid Theory, has recently made a splash on YouTube where it has passed a billion views.

Uploaded to YouTube on 26th October 2009, the song has 1 000 145 381 views at the time of writing. Depending on when you look up the video and on what platform, this may be rounded-down to “999M” or up to read “1B”. We’re not sure why the 999 million is showing up when it has passed the billion mark, but we assume that will change as even more views come in.

This is actually the second time Linkin Park has pulled this off. Arguably their most famous song – Numb – has 1.4 billion views.

Linkin Park is far from the only artist to pull this off. Baby by Justin Bieber (2.2. billion), Gangnam Style by Psy (3.6 billion) and Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO (1.8 billion) are just some example of popular meme music from years passed that have also crossed the threshold.

What makes Linkin Park different is now having multiple videos to achieve this. We wouldn’t be surprised if other music videos from the band also achieve the same in the future. The next closest seems to be What I’ve Done which is rather behind at 465 million at the time of writing.

All of this is rather great timing as Mike Shinoda has been taking to online video in a big way recently. The singer and multi-instrumentalist has been streaming the creation of a new solo album on his Twitch channel, together with other random things like playing Animal Crossing.

That album is called Dropped Frames and several completed songs are already available to listen to on YouTube Open Doors, Osiris and Super Galaxtica.

With the tragic suicide of Chester Bennington in 2017, it’s nice to see Linkin Park in the news again.

And, of course, we’d be remiss not to embed In The End below. Outside of the music, which we still enjoy, it’s got that early 2000s bad CGI charm.

[Via Linkin Park Live]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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